The Best YouTube Workout Videos

Fact Checked

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What to Look For

When you go on YouTube’s website in search of workout videos, you're investing in your health. The best YouTube workout videos are those made by certified fitness instructors that create the video on behalf of well-known, reputable fitness and/or diet organizations or experts. It's important to note that the Mayo Clinic recommends consulting your physician before beginning a new workout routine.

Common Pitfalls

Many YouTube videos are made by amateur fitness instructors who don't have the appropriate training or certifications to teach. While the individual may offer what sounds like good advice, they may not demonstrate how to perform exercises correctly, which could lead to injury. Additionally, many of the video clips offered on YouTube are short in length. “The Washington Post” states many are under three minutes in length, but you can always replay the video to complete more repetitions.

Where to Buy

YouTube workout videos are not available for purchase. However, some exercise instructors may refer you to a website to purchase copies of their workout videos. View all of YouTube’s workout videos at


As of 2010, there is no cost to view YouTube workout videos. According to YouTube’s terms of service, the sale of access to a video on their site is not allowed. If prompted to pay for a video before viewing it, you are most likely not on YouTube’s website.


While it is not necessary to purchase exercise equipment to view a YouTube workout video, many videos implement the use of workout accessories. Such items include free weights, yoga balls, jump ropes, exercise mats and so on. Per your physician’s recommendations, use supportive accessories that prevent injury, such as athletic shoes, when you work out with YouTube videos.

Insider Tips

Website Digital Inspiration reports it can be hard to find relevant workout videos on YouTube, even if you use appropriate search terms. The videos do not make sense or are parodies of actual workout videos. To avoid confusion, search for a specific YouTube channel by clicking “Browse” at the top of the home page, then click the arrow next to the words “Videos/All categories.” From there, search for a diet/fitness company or persona you're familiar with and see the workout videos they offer on their official YouTube channel.