The Best Shoes for Chi Running

What to Look For

ChiRunning is a form of exercise developed by Danny Dreyer that emphasizes injury-free running by landing on the midfoot/forefoot. This relives pressure on the legs and knees and keeps the foot in optimal shape. Several companies manufacture ChiRunning shoes that help you achieve this natural pose, including New Balance and Newton. The shoe make it easy to land on the midfoot, instead of the heel or toe, by subtly shifting your center of gravity.

Common Pitfalls

ChiRunning shoes do not have to be ridiculously expensive. Many clubs have formed around ChiRunning and may try to charge you inflated rates for a pair of "authentic" ChiRunning shoes. The truth is that many reputable companies manufacture ChiRunning shoes at relatively affordable rates. Unless you are buying the ChiRunning shoes as part of a larger membership package to a club, don’t feel obligated to pay outrageous rates.

Where to Buy

Major retailers, including New Balance and Newton, sell their shoes directly over the Internet. Additionally, New Balance sells its specialty ChiRunning 800 shoe in its brick and mortar outlets, which are located in large shopping malls, and on occasion, in its individual stand-alone stores. As mentioned before, ChiRunning clubs frequently sell shoes, but this option is not recommended because price inflation can be rampant.


A durable pair of ChiRunning shoes usually costs between $70 and $200. Shipping costs and sales tax will add to the overall price. More expensive shoes usually come with a satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to return the shoes within a given period if they do not meet your requirements.

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