The Best Street Soccer Shoes

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What to Look For

Soccer shoes designed for street soccer play are unique from both soccer cleats and regular running or walking shoes. While soccer cleats are designed with spikes underneath their insoles for traction on grass, street soccer shoes do not have these spikes. Likewise, while running and walking shoes don't have spikes either, they also lack the necessary uppers that help players kick the soccer ball. Street soccer shoes, unlike walking or running shoes, are designed with very thin soles so the player can make contact with the ball more easily.

Common Pitfalls

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Many soccer players make the mistake of using cross trainer shoes to play street soccer with. While the traction of street soccer shoes are well suited for street surfaces, the insoles of cross trainers are designed to be thicker and more cushioned to absorb shock while running. Although this reduces the impact on your joints substantially, it also makes it much more difficult to kick the soccer ball, and can seriously hinder your game.

Where to Buy

Street soccer shoes can be purchased at most sporting goods stores, including Sports Authority or Big 5 Sporting Goods. Though the shoes found at these stores are reasonably priced, they typically do not offer a very wide selection of street soccer shoes, and can be problematic to shop at if you are picky about the type of shoes that you wear. For wider selections, you may also consider shopping online at shoe warehouses like


Street soccer shoes purchased at sporting goods stores can cost anywhere from $40 to $75, and are typically sold with a factory warranty that ensures the shoe to last a certain amount of time. You can find wider selections of soccer shoes online for $10 to $20 cheaper as well, but this can be problematic since you cannot physically try on the shoes before buying them.


Since street soccer shoes are designed with very thin insoles for better kicking ability, the degree of shock that your joints take when wearing them can become problematic. If you have joint pains, you may consider buying a pair of shock absorbing insoles to wear with your shoes. These insoles cost $20 to $30 and can be purchased at any sporting goods store.