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Weight-Training Schedule Plus Exercises

Sticking to a weight-training schedule may initially present a challenge, but if you're motivated by a specific goal, developing a weight-training schedule can improve your overall health and quality of life. Having a schedule with exercises designed to increase your strength, endurance and muscle mass can provide all the motivation you need to stick to a regimen. Mix up your schedule with different exercises to keep your workout fresh. This will keep you interested and will help your muscles continue to develop.

Develop Your Muscles

If you're just beginning to incorporate weight-training into your workout, switch up your workout by using free weights as well as machines. For best results, start out by pairing different groups of muscles during your workouts. For instance, plan to train your back and chest on the same day; plan to train your legs -- quadriceps and hamstrings -- on the same day; plan to work your arms -- biceps and triceps -- on the same day as your shoulders.

Specific Exercises

Bent-over barbell rows and cable seated rows are good exercises using the machines and free weights for the back. The incline bench press and dumbbell flyes are good for the chest. Leg presses, dumbbell lunges, leg extensions and stiffleg deadlifts will train the legs. Tricep extensions and barbell curls will train the arms, and shoulder presses take care of your shoulders.

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