Tractor Tire Exercises

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Tractor tires are heavy-duty, steel-belted rubber that come with various types of treads, and they can weigh in excess of 500 lb. If you've got an old tractor tire lying around, your can use it for out-of-the-box high-intensity exercises.


Tractor tire exercises offer a variation on regular workouts. You can use them by themselves, or you can incorporate other tools with them. People who do not have access to conventional free weights or gyms can use them to get workouts from the comfort of their backyard. Football players and mixed martial artists use these regularly in their workout routines to develop more functional power and strength.

Body Weight

Tractor tires are heavy and bulky, but they still have give to them. This enables you to jump on the tires and spring off them with a variation to an exercise called a "box jump." You can also place your hands on them to do decline push-ups and your feet on them to do incline push-ups.


Sledgehammers are used to drive stakes into the ground and to break up old concrete sidewalks. They also make a good companion to tractor tires. You can drive a sledgehammer into the tractor tire repeatedly for several hits or for a set amount of time. This is core exercise that can also build cardiovascular strength.


A tire flip exercise can work the whole body at once. This is a compound exercise, which means it uses more than one joint range of motion, and you are working more than one muscle group. To do these, squat down, grab the bottom of the tire, lift it up and flip it over. Keep doing this for a series of flips and take a rest. This works the legs, back, shoulders, arms and core all in one consecutive motion.


Tractor tire exercises can be incorporated into other exercises in the form of a circuit. For example, you can jump rope for 1 minute, do 10 tire flips, do jumping jacks for one minute, do one minute of hammer hits, then repeat the whole cycle eight to 10 times.