Freemotion Treadmill Review

What to Look For

Freemotion Treadmills are made by the Icon Co., and are considered among the best treadmills in the fitness equipment industry. Freemotion comes in five different models. The Freemotion t5.1 and the t5.5 are lower-end models, similar to the Reebok and Nordic Track in performance and quality. The higher-end models offer many advanced features, including an incline feature in the Freemotion Incline Trainer I7.7, as well as outstanding performance in the areas of noise level, power and overall quality.

Common Pitfalls

When considering whether a Freemotion treadmill is right for your fitness club or home gym, you really get what you pay for. The two lower-end models, although more affordable, don’t rank as high in the areas of cushioning, noise level and overall quality. The t7.3, t7.5 and the i7.7 models all offer more durability, quality and value for the money than the t5.1 or t5.5. The t7.3 has fewer features than the t7.5 but is considered the better value for the price.

Where to Buy

Amazon is the place to shop for a Freemotion treadmill. Prices for these large ticket items can be 10 to 20 percent lower than at other retail outlets. You also can buy directly from the Freemotion website, where shopping is a bit easier due to the division of products for commercial, light commercial or home use. You also have the advantage of easier customer service when dealing directly with the company.


The cost depends on the model and where you shop. The two lower-end models have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,995 and $2,195. The t7.3 and the t7.5 start at $3,195 and $3,595, and the Freemotion Incline Trainer has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $4,495.