The Best Shoes for Racquetball

A high intensity sport, racquetball requires quick movements in a small space and on a slick surface. Because of this, players are usually required to wear gum-rubber soled shoes, according to Sports Equipment Info. Those shoes can grip the court. better than regular sneakers. Additionally, the soles of the shoes should be white or a light color and free from any dirt or debris, all of which helps to keep the surface of the court streak-free.

Prevent Injuries

A comfortably snug fitting shoe that doesn't pinch or squeeze the foot or toes is ideal for racquetball. Shoes that are too big can decrease your stability and may lead to falls or injuries. Likewise, court shoes that are too small can be painful, impair your movement and may cause circulation issues. Cushioning should be plentiful in the mid-foot, the heel and forefoot, and allow you to push off and land with minimal shock to your bones and joints. Do not wear regular sneakers or athletic shoes designed for sports other than racquetball.

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