The Best Men's Swim Goggles

ViktorCap/iStock/Getty Images

Finding the right pair of goggles for swimming can be compared to finding the right pair of shoes for running; function and compatibility are paramount. Whether you swim competitively or just to stay in shape, the best men's swim goggles comfortably protect your eyes while consistently providing a clear view of your surroundings.

Designed for Safety

The best men's swim goggles for you depend on your swimming environment. In open water where no lane lines separate swimmers, flexible frames and soft lenses could lessen the risk of eye injury from a wayward foot or elbow. Outdoors, you need lenses that block harmful UV rays, while indoors -- where ventilation and air turnover is sometimes poor -- goggles protect your eyes from chemicals in both the water and the air.

Find Your Best Fit

Comfort is key to choosing the best men's swimming goggles. Look for frames that mold to your face without leaking, pinching or rubbing. Choose lenses that don't fog easily, and opt for an easily adjustable strap that doesn't cause your goggles to slip or dig into the sensitive skin around your eyes.