The Best Sunglasses to Wear for Softball

Hope Milam/iStock/Getty Images

Sports sunglasses need to be functional more than stylish, although there's no need to sacrifice style these days. A softball player needs eye protection that cuts glare, otherwise he might not see the ball. The glasses also need to be light, have a comfortable fit and a wraparound style, so they don't fall off and you can almost forget they're on during play.

Choosing Softball Sunglasses

Fit and durability are important. First, look for sports sunglasses that fit snugly and that the lenses are made of shatterproof plastic or polycarbonate. Buy shatterproof frames, as well. Both of these aspects of the glasses prevent the risk of them breaking on impact and injuring yourself. You may also want to choose sunglasses that come with an elastic headband attached to hold them secure on your head.

Adapting to Light

The serious softball player may want more than one pair of sunglasses, as different light conditions create a need for different colored lenses that maximize a player's ability to see the yellow softball. Amber or brown lenses reduce glare, block blue light to improve vision in cloudy weather and add greater contrast between the green grass and blue sky. Gray, green or smoke-tinted lenses also reduce glare, but they preserve brightness and are the lens to choose on sunny days when players are likely to get eyestrain. Alternatively, choose clear, tint-free lenses that provide UV protection. These allow maximum visibility in all weather conditions.