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The Best Sit-on-top Kayak Seats

What to Look For

When shopping for the best sit-on-top kayak seat, look for ample back support and cushioning in the back and seat areas. For maximum comfort during long kayaking excursions, opt for an ergonomically shaped seat. Other features to consider are bottle holders, cargo pockets for small-item storage and a built-in lumbar pillow.

Common Pitfalls

Not all sit-on-top kayaks have a rear attachment point. When selecting a kayak seat, take note of where your kayak's seat strap attachment points are located and select a compatible model. If not, your seat may not strap down to your kayak properly. Most kayak seats are equipped with front and rear attachment straps to ensure that the seat stays in place.

Where to Buy offers a wide selection of kayak seats, with most offered below retail price. However, consider visiting your local kayaking or outdoor sports retailer if you need assistance with choosing and securing the seat to your kayak. In general, you will pay full retail price at a local retail shop, but you will receive expert advice.


Sit-on-top kayak seats have a wide price range, from $30 to $200, as of September 2010. Higher-end seats feature molded seat backs and plush padding. If you frequently take long kayaking trips, a high-quality kayak seat provides durability and comfort. Less expensive kayak seats are suitable for short and infrequent kayak excursions.

Insider Tips

Many seats have the ability to fold down. This aids in storage and transport of the kayak.

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