The Best Quality Walking Shoes

Siri Stafford/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Walking is a simple way to incorporate physical activity into your day. Along with boosting your energy and reducing stress, walking helps to strengthen the muscles in your legs and core while also providing cardiovascular benefits. Wearing high-quality walking shoes can help you to minimize injuries; the best shoes for walking will be protective, supportive and enhance your mobility.

Moves With You

Your foot rolls from heel to toe when walking, so the best shoe will contain a low heel that slightly rounds and helps to propel you forward. A comfortable, secure fit with plenty of arch support and room in the toe box are also features of a high-quality walker. Shock absorption, stability and smooth tread help to keep your feet and joints safe when walking on varying types of terrain such as pavement, rocks, trails and grass.

Happy Feet

Shoes that impair your movement in any way can eventually lead to injuries and should be avoided. For example, a clunky, thick heel can interfere with the natural roll of your foot during the walking motion, which leaves you at a greater risk of shin or ankle pain. Shoes that are tight and pinching, or those that do not have roomy toe boxes can also cause discomfort and pain and may impede your walking enjoyment or fitness progress.