Kegel Exercise Machines

Woman taking weights from stand in fitness gym

Kegel exercises assist both men and women to increase urinary control. Machines for these exercises are more readily available for women, as men can easily perform the exercises without additional devices. Kegel exercises were developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel and are meant to target your pubococcygeus or PC muscle, part of the group of pelvic floor muscles which stops your urine flow. These exercises are also known to improve the health of your sexual organs and increase sexual stimulation.

Squeeze Balls

Purchase squeezable, egg-shaped balls, which are exercise devices that strengthen your PC muscle. They have varied diameters from one to four inches with different weights to coordinate with your muscle toning needs. Insert the balls between your vaginal walls as you would a tampon. Use your PC muscle to squeeze the balls. Hold the squeeze for 10 seconds. Relax your muscles for 10 seconds and repeat for three to four sets per day. For an increased challenge, pull on the balls by its handle or string while clenching your muscles tighter. Fitness magazine states that it may take up to six to eight weeks to experience results. To avoid an allergic reaction from the rubber in some balls, buy a non-petroleum based product.


The spring-loaded Kegel exercise instrument is a mechanical device that provides resistance for female Kegel exercises. It looks like a pair of kitchen tongs that is phallic-shaped. Use it by inserting the phallic end three inches into your vagina. Clench your PC muscle to clamp the tong part of the device closed. The spring adds resistance, which is helpful to tone the muscles. Do 30 reps of closing the device for three sets each day. Rest for 15 seconds between each set. Work up to six sets for a minimum of three days a week. The Cochrane Library suggests that if you perform PC muscle-clenching exercises for at least three months, you will begin to experience results.


A barbell Kegel device is a small metal bar that has a weight that you can use to quickly build and tone your PC muscle. Insert most of the barbell into your vagina while you are lying down. Use your pelvic floor muscles to lift the barbell just a bit. Keep it lifted for five minutes.

Workout Machines

You don't need a special contraption to do a Kegel. Try tightening your PC muscle during a plank or bicep curl during your regular gym workout. As you use muscle-building machines, Fitness Magazine recommends performing a Kegel clench as you lift and lower the weights or resistance. It suggests clenching the PC muscle to activate your whole abdominal muscle group so you have a deeper overall workout.