The Best Mini Stair Steppers

You can't climb a mini stair stepper to heaven, but Wilderness Sports Conditioning says you can use one for an efficient and effective cardio workout. Mini stair steppers don't have the quality of a gym model stair stepper, but you can fold one up and store it under a bed while paying a fraction of the cost of a full-fledged stepper. Look for a mini-stepper that enables you to maintain an upright position while taking large and comfortable steps in order to achieve full range of motion.

Best Features

Consumer Search and Find the Best discuss some of the most desirable features of a top-notch mini-stepper. An already assembled model that folds up simply by pulling a pin on the machine makes the use of a mini-stepper hassle-free. The best machines offer a computer and display screen that counts your steps, times your workout and estimates the number of calories you burn. A mini-stepper with hydraulic cylinders that control the amount of resistance ensures smooth stepping and allows you to vary the intensity of the workout. A steel frame increases the durability of the machine. You can find mini-steppers with resistance bands for your arms to tone your upper body as well as handlebars and slip-resistant stairs for added security. The best mini-steppers cost around $100 as of 2014.

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