Exercises for the Bally's Total Fitness Pilates Resistance Tubing

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Bally's Total Fitness Pilates resistance tubing works like all other resistance cables with handles. You can hold the handles with your handles and/or slip them around the soles of your feet or ankles to work out. The Pilates tubing is an inexpensive way to work your upper and lower body.

Standing Cross Triceps Extension

The standing cross triceps extension uses a Bally's Total Fitness Pilates resistance tubing to tone up the muscles on the back of your upper arm. The triceps' job is to extend the elbow. Using the principle of extension, you can strengthen your triceps by straightening your arms against gravity and resistance from the tubing. To prepare, loop one handle around your right foot. Step on the handle so that it doesn't move. Run the tubing under the ball of your left foot and bring it up the back of your leg and across toward your right shoulder. Hold the other handle with your right arm and bend the elbow behind your back. Face your palm toward your shoulder blade. Move only your elbow to straighten your arm to a 30-degree angle from your body. Bend the elbow to complete one repetition on the right side. Do a set on the right, then switch to work your left side.

Standing Cross Lateral Shoulder Raise

This exercise trains the deltoid muscles of the shoulders. Your core muscles of your abdominals, glutes and lower back work as well, so you can remain standing upright as both feet stand on the tubing and your arms raise in opposite directions. Cross the tubing in front of you like an “X” and grab the handles with your arms straight at your sides with your palms facing your legs. Draw your abdominals in tight and squeeze your glutes. Tilt your pelvis forward and keep your pelvis in this position during the exercise. Raise your arms up to shoulder level at a 45-degree angle in front of you. Bring your arms down to your thighs to complete one repetition.

Standing One-Leg Hip Abduction

The standing one-leg hip abduction exercise trains your hip abductors of your glutes and outer thighs. Loop one handle of the tubing around your left foot and step on the tubing with your right foot about hips-width apart. Bring the tubing across the front of your legs and hold the other handle with your left hand next to your left hip with your elbow bent. Hold your hand with your palm facing your hip with your knuckles pointing downward. Next, extend your left leg out to the side against resistance from the tubing. Lower your leg to stand with your feet hips-width apart. This completes one rep with your left side. Repeat on the right.