Types of Noodle Golf Balls

Person positioning golf ball on golf course, low section (differential focus)

Noodle is the name of a golf ball line under the Maxfli brand, named because the golf balls are designed to be hit long and straight. This trajectory is achieved by a low spin rate combined with a high launch angle. Numerous variations of the Noodle golf ball are available, each designed to fit many different types of golf games.

Noodle Long and Soft

One of the originals of the Noodle line, the Long and Soft features a soft surlyn cover with a solid core. The ball is designed for the basic golfer, one who wants to hit the ball long, straight and soft. The Long and Soft has a slicker, nonstick coating to help reduce side spin and make the ball softer around the green. With 408 dimples on the exterior, the Long and Soft also helps eliminate drag for a long, straight shot off the tee.

Noodle ICE

The Noodle ICE features a soft surlyn cover like all Noodle balls, but the exterior shell is clear so that the ball is easier to focus on at the tee and see when it is in flight. In addition to the clear cover, the ball comes in lime, lemon, tangerine and raspberry colors. The low compression core adds distance to your shots while the two-piece construction contributes to the soft feel.

Noodle Rotini

Cleverly named like the famous pasta, the Rotini is designed to be played just like the noodle--with some spin. The Rotini features more dimples (442 compared with 408) with a lower compression core than the standard Long and Soft so that the Rotini will travel with a trajectory more inclined to have better spin. While mastering spin on the ball is up to the individual player and you will sacrifice some distance over the ICE and the Long and Soft, the softer feel of the ball allows you to have more control of the ball around the green.

Noodle+ Lady

The Noodle+ Lady is exceptionally soft, designed specifically for female golfers with slower swings. The Live-Action Core compresses easily, making it the perfect ball to add distance off the club for women. The aerodynamics of the ball are designed to maximize hang time, which also helps women add distance to their shots, especially on iron shots that send the ball high into the air. The Noodle+ Lady also comes with a glistening cover that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easier to find in the rough.

Noodle Tour LTD

One of the more expensive types of Noodle golf balls, the Tour LTD is designed for more advanced, competitive players who want more accuracy and a better feel. The ball is weighted toward the perimeter rather than the core, which in addition to the aerodynamic dimple pattern featured on other Noodle balls, makes the ball play longer. Like the Long and Soft, the Tour LTD also features the soft compression core and the nonstick exterior for a softer feel around the green with less spin.