Treadmills Compatible with iFit

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Treadmills populate gyms and homes throughout the world and are perhaps one of the most utilized pieces of exercise equipment. The treadmill has undergone many iterations since its inception as a piece of fitness gear in the 1960s. Now, there is iFit, a technology that can add a new dimension to your fitness workouts. iFit claims that its approach fully integrates your workout, diet, and other life activities to help you achieve your goals through motivation and support. Jillian Michaels-inspired workout programs were developed for iFit, and her voice is used for inspiration and motivation.

Nordic Track

Nordic Track is a well-known name in the fitness community, with a full lineup of treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, and strength equipment. Nordic Track manufactures 11 different treadmill models in six different series. Seven Nordic Track models come equipped with iFit or are compatible with the iFit program. The most expensive treadmills offered by Nordic Track with the iFit program include the Reflex 8500 Pro from the Reflex Series, retailing for $1,999 as of 2010, and the X7i Incline Trainer, also retailing for $1,999 from the Incline Series. The least expensive Nordic Track models are the A-2350 Pro model from the A-Series, retailing for $649, as well as the A-2550 Pro model, also from the A-Series.


Pro-Form treadmills are revolutionary, first in the industry to introduce the folding treadmill known as Space Saver. Still a big name in fitness, Pro-Form manufactures many other types of fitness equipment. The Pro-Form lineup consists of 12 models from four different series. Two models of treadmills have iFit compatibility. The Pro-Form XT-70 is from the Proshox Series and has a retail price of $699, as of 2010. The Pro-Form 850T also has iFit compatibility and has a retail price of $799.

Health Rider

Health Rider introduced a low-impact, total body piece of fitness gear in 1990. Health Rider now has a full line of fitness gear including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and the riders that made the company famous. Health Rider has four different models of treadmills, with two compatible for iFit. The Health Rider H95t is compatible with iFit Live and has a retail value of $999. The H75t by Health Rider is compatible with iFit's workout card technology. The iFit workout cards retail for $29.95 each and fit into the treadmill's console.