How to Take Epistane

Young woman flexing muscles in studio, portrait

Epistane, produced by IBE Technology, is a legal anabolic “designer steroid” supplement intended to help increase muscle mass and strength gains from weightlifting. The manufacturer specifies that most dosage cycles will last between three and five weeks and involve daily doses of between 20 and 40mg. When taken in a continuous cycle, Epistane is often paired with the type of supplement known as a PCT, or Post Cycle Therapy serum, which helps your body start producing its own testosterone again; however, it is possible to take Epistane in a pulse cycle, which eliminates the need for a PCT serum.

Take one 10mg Epistane pill on the first day. On the second dosage day, take two Epistane pills at once for a total dose of 20mg. On the third dosage day, take three pills for a total dose of 30mg. Ideally, you should be taking Epistane on the same days you lift weights, with a day of rest in between.

Take four Epistane pills, for a total dose of 40mg each day, three times during the second week. Again, try to time your Epistane doses to coincide with your lifting days.

Take no Epistane pills at all for the next two weeks.

Repeat a second cycle of two weeks on, starting over with a 10mg dose on the first day and building to 40mg three times during the second week. Then take another two weeks of rest, with no Epistane pills.


Because Epistane is classified as a natural supplement, it’s not subject to FDA regulation or enforcement and has not been subjected to the same sort of scientific scrutiny as conventional medications.


While not mentioned in the product literature, anabolic steroid use may produce severe unwanted side effects such as liver damage and tumors, decreased testosterone production, breast formation in men, hypertrophy of the clitoris, and increased sexual desire in either gender during steroid use. Some of these effects may be irreversible, so use extreme caution when choosing whether to take any anabolic substance, including Epistane.