The Best Hip-Hop Workout DVDs

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Hip hop dance can be an energetic way to get fit too. When it comes to DVD workouts based on hip hop music, look for ones taught by experts that suit your level of fitness and fitness goals, whether it's muscle toning, weight loss or a cardio workout.

Muscle Sculpting or Cardio Workout

If you're new to hip hop workouts, choose a structured learning program that gives you a series of progressively more difficult workout routines. One of those is "Hip Hop Abs," a U.S. top-seller released in 2012. It's taught by Shaun T, the choreographer and creator of "Insanity." It's a DVD box set suitable for newbies that includes nutrition advice. It's goal is to give viewers a full-body workout as well as sculpted abs. If want an intense cardio workout, or a session that encourages general weight and inch-loss, then expert Michelle Dozois has several DVDs to offer, including "Rockin' Body Cardio Jam" from 2008.

More Focus on Dance

For fitness through more challenging hip hop routines, look for more danced-based DVD such as "Step Up Miami Heat" released in 2012. If you want a workout that combines hip hop with jazz and Latin steps, then the "Just Dance" series is suitable for hip hop newbies.