Pilates 4-Way Ab Stretch Fitness Guide

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The Pilates 4-Way Ab Stretch is a unique piece of exercise equipment that fits under the umbrella of resistance bands, but is different in construction and usage than your typical band or cable. The Pilates 4-Way Ab Stretch is basically two resistance bands attached side-by-side to make one unit. This fitness tool makes working out at home easy. You do not even need other equipment, but you may still find certain exercises -- such as standing cable rows or reverse flyes -- easier with regular bands.

Difference from Regular Pilates Bands

The typical Pilates band, also called a resistance cable, exercise band or stretch band, has two ends, each with a handle. This only lets you hold the handles with two limbs, either in both hands, around both ankles or feet, or held by one hand and one foot. The Pilates 4-Way Ab Stretch band has four ends and four handles so each foot and each hand can hold an end and be involved in an exercise. You can step on a regular band with your feet so that you can hold the handles with your hands, but this shortens the range of motion option of exercises because a regular band is shorter.


The Pilates 4-Way Ab Stretch features an adjustable tension option so you can do exercises at different resistance levels without having to buy additional bands of varying weights, according to the Bally Total Fitness Catalog. It is made of a soft comfort cord that is elastic. The Pilates 4-Way Ab Stretch is light so you can bring it with you wherever you go.


Both Everlast and Bally Total Fitness used to make and sell the Pilates 4-Way Ab Stretch. To purchase the product now you can find it via third party retailers of exercise equipment. The products are identical in design, features and, usually, price, depending on where you buy it.

Exercise Capabilities

The Pilates 4-Way Ab Stretch is useful for aerobic activity, stretching and strength training. It is possible to do upper and lower body strength training and core exercises with the Ab Stretch. Train the arms, glutes, legs and abs with the Pilates 4-Way Ab Stretch, as recommended by the Bally Total Fitness Catalog.

Example Exercise

V-ups are a tough but effective exercise for your abdominal muscles. Slip your feet through the two handles and then grip the other two in your hands. Lie on your back with your arms extended over your head. On an exhalation, raise your legs and arms into the air toward each other until you make a V shape. Lower back down and repeat up to 15 times.