Top Ten Ankle Braces

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If you have ever experienced an injury to your ankle, you know how frustrating it can be. Once you have damaged the soft tissues or bones in your ankle, they become weak and can take long periods of time to fully recover. If you are unwilling to take time away from the recreational activities you enjoy, or are unable to stay off your feet, you may want to invest in a supportive ankle brace.

Volt Ankle Brace

As stated by, this brace is lightweight and allows for increased range of motion. Made of carbon and polypropylene, it is supportive and durable while also being comfortable. It also fits well in a volleyball shoe.

Chameleon Active Ankle Brace

The U-shape of this brace provides excellent support, according to The hard outer shell provides improved protection, and the unique hinge allows for increased range of motion and comfort.

T2 Active Ankle Support states that this brace provides for extreme range of motion. It is also extremely lightweight and is easy to put on, as it has only one strap. The padding on the inside of it is formulated to fit your ankle like a glove, so it is very comfortable.

TriLok Ankle Control Brace

According to, this ankle brace is thin and fits any any shoe. It provides compression to prevent edema, or swelling. It also allows you to rotate your foot in or out as well as pointing or flexing while still providing support.

ASO Ankle Support Brace

This brace is made of non-stretch nylon, says provides similar support to the stirrup shape achieved with athletic taping. It fits in any shoe.

McDavid Soccer Ankle Brace

This lace-up brace provides protection from ankle sprains while allowing for foot positioning conducive to proper ball handling, says It is specifically designed for soccer players and features steel supports to prevent rolling of your ankle.

Malleoloc Ankle Brace

As stated by, this brace is small and allows for your foot to support itself from the heel and the front of your foot. It will allow you to point and flex your toe as much as you need to, without allowing any form of lateral movement.

McDavid Ultra Ankle Brace

This brace has a state of the art hinge, allowing you to move your foot in all planes, with limited mobility. According to, it provides support for high ankle sprains, a feature which is relatively unique.

McDavid X Ankle Brace

According to, this brace is professional quality and can be worn for long periods of time. It is supportive while still allowing you to move your foot in all planes of motion. It is also lightweight and fits either foot.

BREG Kool Air Support Brace

This universally sized ankle brace provides comfort for recently injured or already healing ankles, says It includes large, rigid panels on either side to prevent lateral movement. The foam on the inside of the panels also provides compression for sore or swollen ankles.