How to Repair a Sears Treadmill

An interrupted workout thanks to a busted treadmill can leave you frustrated and cause you to get behind on your workout goals. Being able to get your Sears treadmill up and running quickly will not only save you time, it may also save you money by avoiding the purchase of an all-new treadmill when it just requires a few simple steps.

  1. Consult the owner’s manual of the particular model of treadmill you own. Most owner’s manuals contain a set of troubleshooting tips covering everything from the electrical system to how to adjust the belt properly.

  2. Try to fix the problem yourself if your problem isn’t found in the owner’s manual. Consult TreadmillDoctor.com’s troubleshooting section for a list of common treadmill problems and how to fix them on your own.

  3. Call the Sears Treadmill Repair Services number at 800-376-6956. If you purchased a service plan or your treadmill came with a Sears warranty that hasn’t expired, you should be able to get specific help over the phone, or Sears will send someone out to repair your treadmill for free.

  4. Pay for a Sears service technician to come out to your home and repair your treadmill if it’s not under warranty. Get a specific quote for the cost of parts and labor before your purchase the service and compare it with similar services around town to get the best price.


    Check to see if your treadmill is under warranty before attempting any repairs. Making repairs to your treadmill by yourself may void the conditions of the warranty.


    Always unplug the treadmill before making any repairs to it yourself to reduce the risk of electric shock.

Things Needed

  • Treadmill owner's manual

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