Drills for Pee Wee Football

People tackling while playing football

Coaching pee wee football can be a very rewarding opportunity. You will have the responsibility of teaching young athletes the proper way to play the game, and to perform as a team. As you get the kids ready to win, show them the skills required to be successful through rigorous but fun practice sessions. Several different practice drills can keep your young players interested and excited about football.

Dummy Drill

This drill will help your players learn the proper way to receive a handoff while keeping their heads up. It will also teach them how to properly read the defense and run the best route for the most yardage. Using a quarterback, running back and center, have the center snap the ball to the quarterback who hands it off to the running back. While holding a training dummy, which is typically made with a foam core, covered with durable vinyl and is available in several sizes and shapes, you will act as the defense player. As the running back approaches, move with the dummy left or right. Your running back should react by cutting in the opposite direction. At first, conduct this drill at half-speed so the quarterback and running back get used to smooth handoffs. You can then upgrade to full speed with all three players.

Cross Drill

Teach your receivers to focus on the football when their vision is being obstructed with this drill. Make two separate groups of receivers and defenders and have them face each other in a line. Have the receivers take turns running across the field while the defender waves his arms to try to block the receiver's view of the ball. Have your quarterback or an assistant coach throw the ball to the receiver just as the two players are crossing paths. Your receiver can practice concentrating on where the ball is despite the distractions from the defender.

Push-Up Drill

Your offensive players, especially your receivers, will benefit from this drill. They will learn how to get up quickly after being knocked down and how to be ready to catch the ball, block or perform other tasks. To start, have your player lie on the ground in the push-up position. On your command, the player has to push himself up and run in the opposite direction. Have another player or assistant coach try to block the player from getting up. For receivers, have a quarterback or coach pass the ball to him after he has run a few steps. Players should focus mostly on their ability to quickly get up and recover from the blocking in order to continue to their main objective.

Find the Quarterback

The find-the-quarterback drill is designed to help your receivers locate the ball in the air as it heads their way and helps them with their quickness in reacting to and catching the ball. For this drill, have four players, preferably quarterbacks, stand in a circle about 20 yards apart from each other. Put a receiver in the middle of the circle. Randomly call on the quarterbacks to throw the ball to the receiver, one at a time. The receiver will have to quickly react to where the ball is coming from to catch it. Once he catches it, have him throw it back to the quarterback and quickly get ready for the next pass from another quarterback. Start this drill at half-speed and gradually pick up the pace as your players improve.