Shot Put, Discus & Javelin Weightlifting Workout

fitness woman preparing barbell squats in a gym

The shot put, discus and javelin events in track and field are largely dependent on the strength, power and explosiveness of the competitor. To prepare for field events, you need to work on your strength and quickness. To improve throwing in all field events, competitors must perform exercises to train the necessary muscles correctly.

Weight Training

Lifting weights is the basis for effective performance in the field events. While the shot put, discus and javelin are different disciplines, they require explosive strength to perform these events successfully. To build strength, you need to do the bench press, shoulder press, arm curls, leg press and leg curls as baseline exercises. Do high-intensity training where you work to exhaustion on each exercise to become an explosive performer. Don't overdo weight training work. If you lift weights more than three times per week, you can overtrain, and hurt your strength and power by not giving your muscles enough time to recover.

Medicine Ball

The medicine ball is an especially helpful tool for discus and shot put throwing. The medicine ball helps build core strength, which is vital in these two events. Take a medicine ball and hold it at waist level. Spin to the right with the medicine ball so it is even with your right hip. Then bring the medicine ball back to your center and shift it toward your left hip. Shift the ball to each hip 10 times. You can also perform chest passes, overhead throws, and one arm throws which mimic the movement of the shot put and javelin.

Box Jumping

This plyometric exercise develops explosive strength in your legs. This is vital for all three of these events. Stand to the left of a 15-inch box and jump over it so you are on the right side of the box. Jump back over it so you are on the left side. Do 10 complete back-and-forth jumps. Then stand behind the box and jump over it so you are in front of it. Then jump back to the point where you started. Do 10 back-and-forth jumps from back to front.

Tire Flipping

This workout will build strength and quickness. Flipping 50 lb. tires can help a thrower because of the repetitive flexion and extension of the lower back, knees and hips. Use a tire that you can flip at least 10 times. Start with the tire flat on the ground, bend down with your legs on the outsides of the arms and start flipping. After turning the tire over 10 times, take a two-minute break and then repeat the drill.


Building strength, power and quickness in field events is vital to success. However, you cannot train solely to build strength. You need to practice your event at least 50 percent of the time. Your technique will suffer if you don't take the time to put the shot, throw the discus or throw the javelin on an every-day basis.

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