Fitness Attendant Job Description

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The U.S. is making initiatives to promote better health among its citizens. Efforts are being made to get people moving, from children to seniors. As more people take steps to improve their physical fitness, there is expected to be an increase in fitness-related jobs. Because injuries do occur at gyms as a result of mistakes or a misuse of equipment, fitness attendants play an important role in injury prevention.

Maintain Relationships With Customers

The role of a fitness attendant is to be out in the fitness area interacting with gym members. A fitness attendant is responsible for greeting members and maintaining a healthy, positive relationship with them. The attendant is expected to be able to answer member questions about fitness, health, safety and equipment usage.

Perform CPR

Fitness attendants are also on gym staff to provide help in the case of an emergency. They should be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and, if the fitness center has an automated external defibrillator, the attendant should know how to operate it.

In addition to CPR, fitness attendants are also trained to provide first aid to individuals who injure themselves. Sometimes accidents involving blood or bodily fluids occur in the fitness center. The fitness attendant should recognize the hazards of the situation and keep members away from the area until a biohazard kit is available to clean it up.

Provide Equipment Orientations

To prevent injuries and improper use of equipment, many fitness centers require new members to go through an equipment orientation. A fitness trainer or fitness attendant shows the new member how to use all the equipment in the fitness center at the one-on-one orientation. The member has the chance to test cardio equipment and see how the various programs work as well as practice correct form on weight training machines and free weights. It is also an opportunity for the new member to ask any fitness or health-related questions.

Monitoring Equipment

Fitness equipment requires daily maintenance. Fitness attendants are responsible for wiping down and sanitizing the equipment every day. This prevents the spread of germs and keeps the machines running efficiently. Fitness attendants should also monitor the equipment for broken parts and report any problems immediately. If necessary, the attendant will place signs on the machine so exercisers do not use the machine while it is broken.

Watching Fitness Area

Despite safety precautions and equipment orientations, injuries still happen in fitness centers. Therefore, fitness attendants monitor exercisers while they are working out. The fitness attendant is there in the event of an emergency or if someone gets hurt. The attendant is also able to watch how individuals are using the machines, provide spots and offer tips to members.