Proper Softball Bat Grip

Holding the softball bat with a tight, white-knuckle grip will not help your batting average. A proper grip is one where you hold the bat loosely and your wrists are flexible. When gripping your bat, the key is to apply pressure with your fingers and not your palms.

Hand Positioning

Your bottom hand grips the bat similar to the way a golfer grips his club. Your top hand is then positioned against your bottom hand with the middle or second row of knuckles, sometimes referred to as your door knuckles, of both hands lined up in a straight line.

Role of Each Hand

Your bottom hand, which is the left if you're right-handed and reversed if you're left-handed, controls the bat. The top hand loosely holds the bat and simply provides support. For greater bat control, some batters choke up on the bat by sliding their hands up the handle a few inches. The downside to this grip is you have less power.

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