8-to-10-Year-Old Baseball Drills

Little League Team Training

Coaching a baseball team of 8-to-10-year-olds is not always the easiest thing. The players are young and need to learn the game's basic fundamentals and skills. The only way to do this is through regular practices. But with young minds, you must come prepared with routines and drills to not only help them learn the game, but to keep them from getting bored or losing interest. Several different baseball drills can help you accomplish this.

Tee Hitting Drill

This drill will help you teach your players to focus on the ball when hitting and tweak their swing based on the location of a pitch. You will need baseballs and a tee; make sure the hitters are wearing a helmet. Place the tee in the center of the plate and have your player hit some balls. Without changing the hitter's position, move the tee to another area around the plate. Alternate between inside and outside locations. Have your young player practice hitting the ball in different locations without having to reposition his batting stance.

Bonus Ball

The Baseball Drills & Coaching Tips website suggests bonus ball as a drill to help your young players learn to field the ball and throw to first base. Line up your players at third base and have them take turns fielding the ball as you hit grounders and fly balls to them from home plate. Keep track of points for each player to make it a fun competition. If a player catches a ball, give him 2 points. Fielding a grounder without error should be worth 1 point. Throwing to first base without error should also be worth 1 point. Give the winner of the drill a reward.

Relay Race

This drill will help your teach your players how to run the bases quickly and safely. Split up your team into two smaller squads; line one up at home plate and the other at second base. Give a baseball to the first player in each line. On your command, have the players run all the way around the bases as quickly as possible without missing a base. Once they get all the way around, they must hand off the ball to the next player in line before he can start running. Make it a fun contest by seeing which team is faster.