3-2-1 Workout Method

The 3-2-1 workout method came to popularity because of its use by many celebrities, including Jessica Alba. The main idea behind the 3-2-1 workout is portability -- most celebrities are constantly on the move. As they cannot always access a gym with loads of exercise equipment, they must make do with basic, portable equipment, such as light weights. The fit bodies of the celebrities that practice the 3-2-1 workout method gives evidence for its effectiveness.

The Plan

The 3-2-1 workout mixes cardio and resistance training into a single workout. Its name comes from it having three cardio exercises, two resistance training exercises, and one core exercise. The layout is as follows: cardio exercise 1, resistance training exercise 1, cardio exercise 2, resistance training exercise 2, cardio exercise 3 and core exercise 1. This workout lasts approximately 30 minutes. Treat the 3-2-1 workout as a cardio session: add it to your weekly exercise routine so that you are engaging in two to four sessions per week.

Cardio Exercises

The first cardio exercise is a warmup. It should consist of a three-minute light cardio session, such as jogging, jumping jacks or using the elliptical. The second cardio exercise should last 10 minutes. It should alternate between high and low intensity, switching every two minutes. You can perform the same activity that you used for the first cardio session, with the exception of altering the intensity. The third cardio session should be a repeat of the second cardio session.

Resistance Training Exercises

The resistance training sessions should consist of three sets of different exercises at 20 reps per set. Your sets will not be sequential; you will move from set one of the first exercise to set one of the second exercise, and then on to set one of the third exercise. You will then repeat this circuit. Rest 30 seconds between sets. Because the 3-2-1 workout assumes you only have basic light free weights, choose exercises that are simple and do not need complex machines or equipment. The two sessions of resistance training should consist of different exercises. For example, the first session could be bench presses, squats and shoulder presses, while the second session could be curls, lateral raises and calf raises.

Core Exercises

The final part of the 3-2-1 should consist of three sets of five core exercises at 30 reps each. Perform this part just as you performed the resistance training part: resting between sets and switching exercises each set. Some example exercises for the core section include situps, crunches, leg raises and dumbbell side bends.