Pro Style Vs. Regular Kettlebells

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Before purchasing kettlebells for home use, you should familiarize yourself with the difference between pro-style and regular or "fitness" kettlebells to understand which is best for you. You may only be familiar with the plain cast-iron fitness bells. But a whole other kind of KB, as kettlebell fans call their favorite piece of equipment, is also available.

Fitness Kettlebells

Fitness kettlebells increase in size as they increase in weight. This size increase could cause you to be forced to change your stance or position when performing an exercise when you increase weight. Fitness kettlebells are made of cast iron that may have a powder or vinyl coating, which can chip with wear and tear. This chipping only impacts the cosmetics of the kettlebell, not the functionality.

Pro-Style KBs

Pro-style or pro-grade kettlebells are uniform in size, no matter the weight. With this uniform size comes a slimmer handle, which can reduce your fatigue when performing long sets. Pro-grade kettlebells are uniform. This could be important if you plan on comparing your kettlebell lifting to pros around the world. Pro-grade kettlebells are made out of steel.

Making Your Choice

If you are a novice kettlebell lifter or are planning to purchase kettlebells for at-home use only, the fitness kettlebells are likely the best choice for you. Fitness KBs can be inexpensive compared to pro-grade kettlebells. For comfort, or if you plan to become a competitive lifter, you may find it worth the extra money to upgrade to pro grade.

Finding Vendors

Kettlebells have gained widespread popularity in recent years and are now available at superstores, though with a minimal selection. Sports stores are likely to have a wider selection available, possibly even including pro kettlebells. As is most everything, kettlebells are also available online, although shipping costs can add up.