Bootcamp Exercise Games

group of friends or sportsmen exercising outdoors

Whether you're teaching a boot camp for children or you just want to spice up your usual boot camp, as a fitness instructor it can be difficult to keep your participants motivated. When completing the same old squats and lunges, your students are concentrating on the difficulty and fatigue of the exercise. By introducing boot camp games, you get their minds off of exercise and onto something interesting for an effective exercise without the complaints.

Ups and Downs

By engaging your participants in friendly competition, you add a new layer of interest to your boot camp workouts. Split participants into two groups and line them up in front of a line of cones. One column of cones should be lying down and the other should be standing up, explains When you give the go-ahead, each participant runs against an opponent, moving to change the position of his cones as fast as possible, then running back to tag a teammate. The first team to go through all of its members wins a small prize.

Obstacle Course

Setting up an army-style obstacle course can help shake your boot camp participants out of an exercise rut. While you may not think you have the capital to put together a high-tech obstacle course, you can find tires at the junkyard, ropes for climbing and other items readily available. Or, try heading to a local empty playground and use the various climbing apparatus as parts of your obstacle course to get your participants moving their bodies in new and different ways.

Secret Word

At the beginning of your boot camp, explain that there is a secret word that when said by anyone in the group, should initiate a type of exercise. For instance, you could use the word "tired." Anytime someone says "tired," you blow your whistle and the group must do 10 push-ups, 10 crunches, a sprint or another type of exercise. Not only is it a game to keep your participants' attitudes in check, but it adds an extra element of interest to your boot camp so participants keeps their ears open and bodies ready to perform.

Jump Rope

Set up jump ropes and engage boot camp participants in a game of old-fashioned jump ropes. If you're handy with a rhyme, you could even make up a few jump rope rhymes incorporating participants' names and fitness goals. notes that a 170-lbs. individual burns almost 200 calories for every 15 minutes of jump rope, so try variations of double dutch, group jump rope and individual jump rope for an element of fun while you exercise with your group.