Are Running Shoes OK for Step Aerobics?

In a pinch, most running shoes work when worn during your aerobics class, but they aren't the ideal solution. Cross trainers typically work better, offering you stability for the moves in different directions and padding where you need it. The right shoes help keep your feet from getting sore while you exercise and prevent injuries.

Step into the Right Shoes

Running shoes are meant for one purpose -- running. Some work better for long distances on a paved surface, while others are designed for trail running. Most have extra cushioning in the heel, which is the first part of the foot to hit the ground as you run. In step aerobics, you spend much of your time on the balls of your feet, meaning you need more forefoot padding. Instead of the streamlined soles of running shoes, cross trainers offer wider bases that can help keep your feet from turning inward or outward as you move in all directions on and off the step.

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