Slendertone Flex Vs. Slendertone AB Toning System

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Slendertone's muscle toner systems are based on the principles of electronic muscle stimulation (EMS). You wear the toner around your mid-section and the belt sends an electrical impulse to stimulate muscular contraction. The company offers three different belts from which to choose: The Flex Go, The Flex Pro, and The Ab Toning System.

Intensity Levels

When deciding which abdominal toning system to choose, you need to determine your fitness level. The Flex Go is for beginners, the Flex Pro is for intermediate fitness levels, and the Ab System is for advanced training. The Go offers two levels of contraction intensity. The Pro and Ab System both offer seven program options from 0 to 99 levels of intensity.

Belt Specifics

All three muscle toners use three gel pads positioned to contract your rectus abdominis, obliques and transverse abominus muscles. These muscles are located down the center, on the sides and horizontally around the inside of your stomach. The Flex Go and Flex Pro belts range in size from 24 to 47 inches and are designed for men and women. The Ab System has separate belts for men and women. A woman's belt ranges from 24 to 44 inches, and a man's from 27 to 47 inches.

Time Frame

For all three systems, it is recommended that you use them five days a week for four weeks. The company recommends two days of rest each week. The Flex Go has a 25 minute and a 40 minute program. The Flex Pro and the Ab System both have programs of 20, 25, 30 and 40 minutes. You can wear the belt while watching television, reading a book or during your regular exercise workouts.


As of November, 2010, the Flex Go system sold for $99.99. The Flex Pro system regularly sells for $129.99, and can be found on sale for $99.99. The Ab System sells for $149.99 with an optional handheld controller or for $79.99 without. All the belts have built-in display systems.


You will receive a one year warranty on the Flex Go muscle toner, which uses AAA batteries. You will receive a two year warranty on either the Flex Pro or the Ab System. The Flex Pro uses AAA batteries. The Ab System comes with a rechargeable battery pack.


If you have a pacemaker or abdominal implant, you should not use an electronic muscle toner. If you are pregnant, have cancer, or receive frequent abdominal injections, you should not use these products. You should not wear an electronic muscle toner near a microwave or while sleeping. Always speak with your doctor about the best exercise equipment for your body.