How to Do Ab Lounge Sport Exercises

How to Do Ab Lounge Sport Exercises

Sculpting lean, flat abs while laying down sounds like a dream. The Ab Lounge Sport promises just that. The at-home fitness equipment claims that it can give you an ab exercise while laying down on its lounge chair.

The Ab Lounge Sport is part of the Ab Lounge Series that TV personality, Tony Little, promoted in infomercials. It's an at-home abdominal workout, shaped like a lounge chair with a strap for your hands and a footrest for your feet. The motion of crunching on the Ab Lounge drops the hips down, causing a jackknife movement.

The Ab Lounge Sport works your rectus abdominis and your oblique muscles in your abdomen. The Ab Lounge Sport is not a full-body machine and should not replace all of your exercising. Use the Ab Lounge Sport as an abdominal exercise in addition to your strength training and cardiovascular exercise routines.

Perform two primary exercises on the Ab Lounge Sport: The basic jackknife and the oblique jackknife. Both exercises work in the same way. As you crunch up, the Ab Lounge Sport supports you by dropping your hips back, creating a jackknife movement. The two exercises differ in terms of body placement on the machine.

Basic Jackknife

The main exercise performed on the Ab Lounge Sport is the basic jackknife. Lie on your back on the Ab Lounge Sport, resting your feet onto the footpads and your hands onto the overhead strap. Engage your abs and press against the hand strap as you crunch up to the sky. Because of the way the machine is created, while you crunch up, your hips will drop back and your knees will pop up creating a jackknife position. Lower down with control and repeat. Move very slowly to make the exercise most challenging.

Oblique Jackknife

Start by lying on your back on the Ab Lounge Sport. Bring your knees over to your right side so that you’re resting on your right hip with your left hip at a 45-degree angle to the sky. Place your feet in the footrest and your left hand overhead on the arm strap. Place your right hand on your left hip, tighten the abs and crunch up towards your left hip. Repeat on the other side.

Workout Routine

Since the Ab Lounge Sport only works your rectus abdominis and obliques, it serves as only part of your overall workout training. It's recommended that you also perform moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and 20 to 30 minutes of strength training three times a week.

Back Health

While The Ab Lounge Sport works your rectus abdominis and your obliques, it does not exercise your transverse abdominis or other core muscles. According to a study performed by the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, deep core strength training assists in the alleviation of chronic low back pain. Therefore, you should also perform core exercises such as planks and exercises on unstable surfaces to target the transverse abdominis and maintain spinal stability so you can prevent low back pain.


It's important to take safety precautions before and while using the Ab Lounge Sport. If you’re like 80 percent of adults, you’ve experienced some type of low back pain in your life. Since your back goes into extension when performing the exercises on the Ab Lounge Sport, it can cause added stress to existing low back pain. If you're vulnerable to back issues, discuss this new workout system with your doctor before beginning.