How to Start a Home Fitness Business

How to Start a Home Fitness Business

Good physical fitness can make you look and feel better. If you have a passion for fitness, you may want to consider starting your own home fitness business. Home fitness businesses may be less intimidating for people who do not feel comfortable going to a regular gym to get in shape. Essential skills for a fitness professional include enthusiasm and motivational skills, and you should be in good physical condition. In addition, you should have the aptitude to manage your own business.

Identify the demand for a home fitness business in your area and consider your potential client base. The website recommends telling your friends and neighbors about the importance of physical fitness if the initial demand seems low.

Choose an area of specialization for a fitness business. Decide if you will be a personal exercise trainer or if you will teach exercise classes. Other ideas for home fitness businesses include offering nutritional counseling, selling fitness DVDs or supplements and selling exercise equipment or apparel.

Buy or rent any fitness equipment needed for your business. Examples of equipment you may need to buy include free weights, treadmills, elliptical machines and yoga mats.

Take classes or apply for fitness certifications. Many organizations offer fitness certifications, including the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. These certifications may give you more credibility and encourage more clients to choose your services.

Advertise for your business in local magazines, health food stores and churches. Consider offering a free trial class or discount on the first month of service or other promotions, such as cheaper rates when paying for classes in advance.


Consider creating a special niche, such as fitness services for women, children or those with chronic illness, to help distinguish your business from others. Buy an insurance policy if people will be working out in your home. You may be sued if injuries occur.