Exercise Swivel Chair for Weight Loss


Exercise in your swivel chair at work or school to help maintain and encourage weight loss. Even five minutes of exercise performed repeatedly throughout your workday can help you lose weight, tone your muscles and increase flexibility. Other benefits include stretching and de-stressing tight muscles. Make up your own exercises for your chair and office space to keep your brief bursts of exercise fun and effective.


Exercise is good for your body and helps increase flexibility, mobility, toning and weight loss. Some seated exercises may also help maintain strength and range of motion in joints. Holding onto a book or briefcase can increase the benefits of seated swivel chair exercises. As with any type of exercise, talk to your doctor before starting an exercise program, and perform your moves in controlled, smooth movements.


Perform exercises that work your hip and waist muscles, your shoulders and your legs and calves when sitting in your swivel chair. Your chair can act as a weight itself. For example, push your chair away from your desk, keeping your feet flat on the floor under your desk. Using your toes, calves, thighs and lower abdominal muscles, pull your chair closer to your desk and then away. Your chair can serve as a platform for abdominal and buttock exercises, much like a Pilates ball. Try to keep your chair still while performing leg raises, lifts and upper torso twists. Your swivel chair can make arm and shoulder exercises more challenging; try twisting to your left side and reaching to touch the back of your chair with your left arm, and then do the same with your right arm.

Stretching Exercises

The swivel action of a chair promotes exercises that tighten the waistline. For example, place your feet on the floor in front of you, knees together. Press your knees to the right, keeping your shoulders facing forward. Hold for a moment and then swing your knees to the left, again maintaining a front-facing position with your upper torso. Repeat 10 to 20 times side to side. Enhance the exercise and work the calves by lifting your heels off the floor, pressing into the floor with the balls of your feet and then repeating the twisting side-to-side motion the desired number of times.

Upper Body Toning

Suck in your lower abs and sit straight in your chair, feet on the floor and knees pressed together. While swiveling your chair to the left, reach your arms to the right at shoulder height to increase the stretch and toning benefits of the move. Hold onto water bottles or books to increase strengthening and endurance benefits. Switch direction, swiveling your knees to the right and moving your arms to the left. Repeat this motion quickly to feel the muscles in your calves, thighs, hips, abs, waist, arms and shoulders working.


Resist any jerking or bouncing movements that may exacerbate sore or painful joints caused by arthritis or osteoporosis. Discuss the types of exercises you want to do with your doctor, especially those with twisting moves that are often performed on a swivel chair. Use caution if you have any spinal problems or have been diagnosed with hip damage or hip conditions. When in doubt, ask for guidance from your physical therapist for methods of performing any seated exercise to realize the greatest benefits and to reduce risk of injury.