How to Do Marine Corps Pushups

Young woman doing push ups at a gym

The Marine Corps Times notes that each branch of the military cannot seem to agree on what makes a perfect pushup. The Marines, Army, Navy and the Air Force all have little nuances in their pushup style that are different from one branch to the other. In order to perform proper Marine Corps-style pushups, there are a few pointers you must remember.

Lie flat on the ground on your stomach and pushup into the starting position. The Marines, like all three other military branches, require you to keep your legs, back and head straight.

Lower yourself to the ground and touch your chest to the ground for a brief instant before pushing back to the up position. Marines must touch their chest to the ground briefly for the pushup to count.

Count repetitions in a two-for-one pattern, meaning you actually do two pushups for every repetition counted. Former Marine Oscar Rueda notes that the Marines refer to this counting style as a four-count exercise. According to the Marine Corps Times, the Marines are the only military branch to count pushup repetitions this way.