Powerbag Exercises

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A Powerbag is a soft, cylinder-shaped exercise tool that is designed to take the place of traditional weights. The Powerbag has a soft plastic, wipe-clean outer shell with two handles and an inner sack to hold weights. Powerbags have the capability to hold 6 to 120 lbs. and are unstable to the point that most people can only lift about 40 to 50 percent of what they can lift with regular weights. You can perform many different exercises with a Powerbag.


Plyometrics training consists of jumping movements that are designed to increase your explosive power. You can perform straight jumps, squat jumps or lateral jumps over a bench while holding the Powerbag. For variety and to stress muscles at different angles, you can hold the bag by the handles over your head or under your arm as you jump.


You can perform a variety of different push-up variations with the Powerbag. Place the bag perpendicular to your body with your hands on the bag shoulder width apart, place the bag parallel to your body with your hands in a narrow grip on the bag or place one hand on the bag and one on the floor. You can also use two bags and place each hand on one to get a good stretch of your pecs at the bottom of the push-up.


Performing squats builds leg strength and muscular endurance. You can perform Powerbag squats with different resistance and hold the bag in a variety of positions as you perform the exercises. You can hold it out in front of your body, on your shoulders, under your arm or in a bear hug. You can also do single leg squats for even more of a challenge.


Traditional lunges can be performed with the bag on your shoulders, out in front or under your arm just like with squats. Different weights will help determine the difficulty level of the exercises. You can also do walking lunges where you continue with one leg after the next or side lunges.


The Powerbag can act like a medicine ball for throwing exercises. You can lift the bag up over your head and throw, hold it in front of you and push throw or throw it underhand. Throwing exercises are best performed with a partner and can be done from a kneeling or standing position.