How to Use LA Fitness Machines


LA Fitness is a commercial fitness facility with locations across the nation, from California and Texas to Minnesota and New England. Every LA Fitness facility has a mixture of fitness machines, cardio rooms and free weight areas to accommodate your personal fitness interests. Using the fitness machines may be overwhelming at first, with the wide variety of equipment options. But after learning the basic functions and features, anyone can use LA Fitness machines during a workout. Always consult a physician before using fitness machines or starting an exercise routine.

Read the fitness machine instructions. LA Fitness places instruction cards on the side of each machine as a quick reference guide. Choose the equipment that meets your fitness goals and personal ability.

Adjust the fitness machine to match your body size and height. Pull the adjustment knobs and slide the seat and other settings along the rail; release the knob to lock the setting in place. Align any pivot points on the fitness machine with your joints.

Set the weight of the machine by removing the weight stack pin and placing it in the appropriate weight selection hole. Start with a light weight and gradually increase the weight after learning the movement and increasing strength.

Grab the handles on the sides of the seat and perform the exercise through the entire range of motion. Use smooth, controlled movements and avoid jerky motions that can lead to potential injuries and decrease the effectiveness of the workout.

Increase or decrease the weight in 5-lb. increments based on the goal of the exercise and workout. For example, if you want to complete 10 to 12 repetitions during the set, choose a weight that is difficult to achieve for 10 repetitions but can’t be performed past 12 repetitions.

Exhale during the lifting motion and inhale as you lower the weight. Proper breathing is essential for proper form and technique while using LA Fitness machines.

Record the specific machine, seat and position settings, amount of weight and repetitions on an LA Fitness workout log. You can use this log to track performance throughout your workout program.

Clean the LA Fitness equipment with the provided towel and disinfectant spray.


A certified personal trainer at LA Fitness can provide detailed instructions for specific machines.


Consult your physician before using any fitness machine or following a training program.