How to Develop the Lower Pecs

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Walk into any gym and you’ll see guys pumping iron, building up their pectoralis major and minor muscles, or simply their pecs. A strong, well-toned chest definitely draws attention, but more importantly, strength in the upper body can help athletes perform at their best. To develop your pecs, and specifically your lower pecs, include a variety of exercises to target and work these muscles.

Weight Training Exercises

Build and strengthen your lower pecs with bar dips. At the gym, put one hand on each bar and bend your knees. You can also cross your feet. Next, lower yourself to the floor and lean slightly forward. Make sure you keep your arms near the sides of your body. When you feel a slight stretch in the shoulders, push yourself back up to the start position with your arms. Your posture should remain the same as you lower your body and return to the start. This exercise not only works the lower pecs, but also the triceps, deltoids and lats.

Pump up your pecs with decline bench press. This is a potentially dangerous exercise and should only be done by experienced weight lifters and with a spotter. Lie on a decline bench and make sure your feet are locked under the leg supports. Next, grip the bar a little wider than shoulder-width and lift it off the rack. Slowly allow the bar to descend to your chest and finish by explosively pressing it back to the start position. The decline bench press focuses on the lower pectorals, according to Mike Behnken, certified personal trainer.

Work your lower pecs with decline dumbbell flyes. You'll need a decline bench for this exercise as well. Once again, lie on a decline bench and lock your feet underneath the leg padding. Use a spotter to give you the dumbbells. Next, spread your arms wide with a slight bend in the elbows. Bring the dumbbells together to finish the exercise. This motion is similar to wrapping your arms around a large tree trunk.


Perform exercises such as narrow grip bench press and incline bench press to strengthen the inner pecs and upper pecs respectively.


Any chest exercise involving a barbell or weight bench should have a spotter.

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