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Water Exercises With a Speedo Belt

A Speedo water belt wraps around your waist to provide flotation and support during deep water exercises. The foam belt does not inhibit motion, so you will be able to do cardiovascular and strength training exercises without limitations. A Speedo belt may also help you to maintain an upright posture which helps to alleviate any back pain.

Jumping Jacks

You can use a water belt in the deep water to perform jumping jacks. These will keep your heart rate elevated and help to burn calories. To start, stand upright, straightening your legs underneath you and holding your arms down along the sides of your body. Perform the exercise by "jumping" your legs apart as your arms raise to the surface of the water, reaching out in a straight line from your shoulders. Continue the exercise by closing and opening arms and legs in a rapid motion. You can add movement by pushing your body forward or backward.


When running in chest-deep water, a Speedo water belt helps increase your buoyancy and reduce the effects of gravity on your body. This is beneficial if you have any pain in your hips and knees. You can also use a belt to assist in deep water running. With the belt, your legs and hips will be able to fully extend without any impact on your joints.

Side Leap

Instead of always moving in a forward or backward motion, you can use the support of your belt to help you move sideways. Pretend you are leaping over a large log or rock as you travel sideways in the water. Then leap back to your starting position. Your arms can be used to push you through the water and to aid your balance.

Leg Lift

Doing leg lifts in deep water while wearing a Speedo belt can strengthen your abdominal muscles. Start in an upright position, legs directly underneath your torso. Your hands can scull the water back and forth to help maintain this position. Now raise both straight legs up until your toes break through the surface of the water. Maintain a tight stomach as you lower your legs to the start position.

Shooting Crunch

The shooting crunch also strengthens your abdominals. Lean slightly backward and bendi both knees in to your chest. Perform the movement by straightening both legs out to the right side, then returning your knees to your chest, and finally straightening both legs out to the left side.

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