A Guide for Trampoline Tricks

Maria Bobrova/iStock/Getty Images

Trampolines are a source of exercise and fun for the entire family. It is natural for kids to want to impress their friends by doing trampoline tricks. It is also a helpful tool for many gymnasts who wish to practice their form before moving to a solid surface. Whether you are a gymnast in training or just want to have fun flipping on a trampoline, you can learn how to perform trampoline tricks. .

Front Flip

The front flip maneuver is a basic trick that you can execute safely on your own. Jump up and down a few times and propel your body forward. Tuck your knees to your chest to help you rotate better and land on your feet. You may land on your buttocks to begin with, but you will gradually progress as you begin to feel more comfortable with the front flip. Be sure you have perfected the front flip before attempting more difficult trampoline tricks.

Back Flip

The back flip is more advanced than the front flip, because you cannot spot your landing until you are halfway into the maneuver. The same basics you use to complete a front flip pertain to the back flip as well. Jump high, gain momentum, throw your head and body back and tuck knees into your chest. As with the front flip, you may not land on your feet at first. You may land on your knees, but this is much better than landing on your knees on solid ground. It may be necessary to have a spotter present to help you execute a back flip, until you are comfortable trying it independently.

No Hands Backflip

After you are comfortable with the back flip, try one without hands. It is the same procedure, only your hands do not touch the trampoline at anytime during the rotation. Jump high a few times before flipping to gain sufficient height. Throw your head and body backward, and try to land on your feet. As you gain strength and confidence, this will become easier.


An aerial is a cartwheel without hands. Cartwheels are the most basic of gymnastics maneuvers and when done without hands, it can impress those watching. Do a cartwheel by stretching your arms above your head and step out with your leading foot, bend entire body downward, place palms on the trampoline, flip your leading foot and following foot over your body and land. To execute an aerial, jump up and down and follow the same procedure as a cartwheel, only keep your hands close to your body. You are likely to land on your knees to begin with, but keep practicing. It is much less painful to fall on a trampoline than a solid surface.