A Men's Workout on How to Get the Perfect Chest

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Developing the "perfect chest" requires a very specific, tailored workout, done regularly over a long period of time. Not only will you need to be training your chest twice a week, you will also need to eat at a caloric surplus to ensure your muscles have the energy they need to grow. And you must prioritize getting enough sleep to allow the development to happen.

Start Pressing

The bench press -- also known as the chest press -- is "the" chest exercise. It engages the major and minor pectoral muscles, and should be included in every chest workout. Your workout should start with the bench press. Select weights that will allow you to complete at least six repetitions, but no more than 12. Lie on the bench, remove the bar from the rack and lower it down to your chest. Then push it back up until your arms are straight. Do three sets of this exercise, ensuring that every repetition is done with correct form. Use a spotter if need be to reduce the risk of injury or letting yourself get away with poor form.

Push On Through

The pushup is one of the most effective chest exercises and should be next in your workout. Start with standard pushups, then progress to clap, depth or weighted pushups as you get stronger and more developed. Keep your body and neck straight, with your hands in line with your shoulders. Bending the elbows, lower your body until your chest comes close to the floor, then straighten the arms to elevate the body again. Keep your core engaged through the movement and aim to do three sets of 20 to begin with, then increase the number as needed.

You Can Fly

The cable fly is another effective chest exercise to include in your lineup. Standing between two pulleys, grasp the attachments, bend forward slightly and keep the knees relaxed -- your back should be straight and core engaged. Pull the cables forward until your fists meet in front of you, then return to a completely open position. Keep your elbows pointing up throughout the movement, and keep your head up. Do three sets, selecting weight that allows for at least six repetitions, but not more than 12.

Get Pulled Over

The stiff-armed pullover rounds out your chest workout. Lie on a bench with your feet flat on the floor. Extend a dumbbell up to arms' length, holding it in both hands with a slight bend in the elbows. Keeping your core engaged, your neck relaxed and your breathing consistent, lower the dumbbell in arc until it is behind your head. After a moment's pause, bring it back up to the starting position. Select a weight that will allow you to complete six to 12 repetitions for three sets.