Schwinn Bowflex Workouts


The Schwinn Comp Strength Training System is a home gym made Nautilus Group, Inc, the same company that makes Bowflex gyms. The Schwinn machines features the Bowflex Power Rod technology, which is the system that gives you resistance when you exercise on a Schwinn or Bowflex home gym. Workouts on the Schwinn machine use the same exercises are those on other gyms.

20-Minute Better-Body Workout

The 20-minute better-body workout includes one exercise each for the chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps. There are two back, leg and trunk exercises for the waist. This workout includes the bench press, seated lat rows, low back extension, standing lateral shoulder raise, standing bicep curls, lying tricep extension, leg extension, standing hip extension, seated resisted abdominal crunch and reverse crunch. Perform the exercises at a slow speed, completing between 10 and 15 repetitions of each exercise. Rest 30 to 45 seconds between sets, starting with a single set and working up to two sets.

Body Building Workout, Day One

The body building workout is for advanced exercisers looking to add muscle and definition. The workout has three different components. The first component targets the chest and shoulders with more than one exercise per body part. This allows you achieve more intense results than simply doing full-body workouts with one exercise per muscle. The day one workout includes the bench press and chest fly for the pecs followed by the seated shoulder press, rear deltoid rows, standing lateral shoulder raise and shoulder shrug for the three parts of the deltoid muscles and the upper traps. Begin with two sets and work up to four. Take a 30 to 60 second rest between exercises and between sets.

Body Building Workout, Day Two

The day two workout targets the back and arm muscles. There are two exercises for the triceps and one for the biceps, but two of the back exercises utilize the biceps as assisting muscles. Perform two sets and work up to four sets with the same repetitions and rest times that you used for day one's workout. This workout includes seated lat rows, narrow pull-downs, lying lat flyes, standing bicep curls, lying tricep extensions and French press exercises.

Body Building Workout, Day 3

The third workout of the body building series focuses on the legs and trunk, including an exercise for the lower back. This day also includes some cardio with the aerobic rowing exercise. Work up to 15 to 25 minutes of rowing. Frequent cardio can use up too many calories that your body needs for building muscle, which is why you do cardio on only one day of the body building workouts. To perform the day three workout, begin with standing hip abduction, leg extension, standing hip extension and seated hip adduction for the legs. Follow the same rep, set and rest times as for days one and two. Then continue to the low back extension, seated (resisted) abdominal crunch, seated (resisted) oblique crunch and trunk rotation exercises. Do the rowing after you have finished two to four sets. Take one day off after you have done the three-day workouts and then restart the cycle.