Basketball Activities for PE

Pupils In Elementary School Basketball Team

Basketball is a sport that can be added to any physical education curriculum regardless of your students' ages and abilities. You can make games and activities out of drills intended to improve basketball skills involving dribbling, defense and shooting. Your students will love to play them.


Developing defense is an important part of any basketball curriculum. Working on turnovers will help students improve their defensive skills. Start by splitting the class in half. Give a basketball to one group of students. The students who do not have a ball will try and steal the basketball from the side that does. The team of students that has the ball will dribble around the gym as they try to protect the ball. Once the ball is stolen, the students then proceed to steal the ball back.

Following The Leader

Controlling the ball is something all students can improve, regardless of their age and ability. Follow The Leader will help students improve their ball control. Give all students a basketball, then choose one student to be the leader. Have all the students follow the leader around the gym, dribbling their balls as they go. If they lose control of the ball, they will sit out. The last one standing will then become the leader.

Tag -- You Are It

There are various ways to work on dribbling, for example, dribbling around a cone or dribbling up and down the court. One game that will improve dribbling involves tag. Have the students partner up. One partner should have a basketball. The partner with the ball will try and tag the partner while dribbling the ball. Once the student tags the partner, they will switch positions.

Relay Time

Shooting the ball takes practice and what better way to improve shooting than with a relay. You can set up team scoring relays in several ways. One way is to have the students get into teams. Two teams will line up under one hoop. Tell the students how many shots they can take, for example, eight. After one member of each team shoots the ball, the next person in line will try to make a shot. The team that first scores the number of baskets you called wins. Another alternative is to have the students stand at various spots on the floor. Each spot will be worth different points. The students can choose from where they take their shots. The first team to reach a specific number wins.