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Exercise Machines to Tone the Glutes

The buttocks, also known as the glute muscles, are some of the strongest muscles in your body. Having strong, toned buttocks not only look good, but will serve you well as you age. Strong buttocks can improve your posture, ease back pain and strengthen your stride. It can be difficult to isolate the buttocks, but certain machines will tone your butt effectively.

Soloflex Rockit

Doing standing barbell squats are an effective way to tone the buttocks, but for many people these squats come with the risk of injury. The Soloflex Rockit is designed to replicate the exact planes of motion that are achieved when doing a standing barbell squat, but in a safer fashion. Similarly, you can perform one-legged squats or lunges on the Rockit, which mimics the motion of doing free-standing lunges. Lunges done on the Rockit challenge the glute muscles like a free-standing lunge. The Rockit uses weight straps as resistance, and this dampens the shock and protects ligaments, according to the Rockit website.

Powerline Glute Master

The Powerline Glute Master is a machine that allows you to target the buttocks muscles and “strengthen the muscle group that helps haul your butt through everyday life," according to the Power Glute Master website. It works each leg individually for maximum isolation and accommodates users of any height. And The Glute Master provides a way to train your muscles in the privacy of your home.

Cable Machine

Any machine that has a low cable will provide you with an effective way to train and tone the buttocks. By hooking a cuff around one ankle, attaching it to a low cable and facing the machine, you are ready to begin a glute-targeting exercise. Place all your weight on your untethered foot, find something to anchor yourself and pull your leg straight back behind you. Try not to bend your knee. Squeeze the glutes as you pull your leg behind you as far as you can, pause and slowly return to the start position. You won’t need much weight for this exercise to make your glutes respond.

Glute Press Machine

Glute Press Machines can be found in gyms and are beneficial for strengthening and toning the buttocks. While standing with your chest against a pad and one of your feet against a pedal, each leg is worked independently as you push the pedal behind you. The movement is similar to the motion of a donkey-kick exercise. Keeping your chest on the pad as you stretch your leg out behind you targets the glute muscles without straining the back or knees.

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