How to Teach a Basic Push-Up to a Female

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Push-ups are a staple of calisthenic or bodyweight-based exercise programs. A push-up is performed from a prone position and uses the arms to raise and lower the body. Push-ups can help to strengthen the arms, shoulders, triceps and tighten the core muscle groups. Push-ups are used as a common exercise in gym classes and all branches of the military as well. Learning how to perform a proper push-up can be simple for men as well as females.

Have the female lie flat on the floor on her stomach. Tell the female to place her hands perpendicular to the sides of her body and in line with her shoulders. She should not place her hands out too wide. Instead, she should put her hands slightly wider than shoulder-width. If placing her hands perpendicular to the body is too difficult, they can be adjusted to form a 45-degree angle. Her feet should form a 90-degree angle with her shins and the toes should be pointing straight down toward the floor.

Explain to her the dynamics involved with a push-up. The toes will act as a fulcrum point and when she is using her arms, she will lift her body off the floor. While her body is raising off the floor, she should keep her body in a straight line from her heels to the back of her head.

Tell her to lock out the elbows when she comes to the top of the push-up. She should be facing the floor and pause before lowering herself to the starting position. Explain to her how performing the down motion paired with the up motion counts as one push-up.


Until the female is able to perform a push-up under her full body weight, she can perform one using the knees as the fulcrum instead of the toes. She should try to keep her elbows at a 45-degree angle to her sides as this position can be easier on the shoulders. If she is having trouble making a straight line with her body, she can push her stomach out and tighten the gluteus maximus muscles.


Tuck the chin to keep from straining a muscle in the neck.