Fun Games for Lacrosse Practice

Boys lacrosse scooping up the ball

Fun games for lacrosse practice can help you improve individual lacrosse skills as well as chemistry between team members. Lacrosse games that are played in practice are often referred to as competitive drills and range from goalie drills to offensive agility drills.

Goalie Save Game

The goalie save game improve your shot-blocking ability as a goalie. Stand in front of the goal in full gear. On your coach's mark, have one offensive player at a time run up at and take shots at you. Lacrosse Information says the shots should be from 10 to 15 feet away. Try to block as many shots as you can in the allotted amount of time. Have the next goalie step up and try to block as many shots as possible. The winner is the player who gives up the fewest goals.

Pass Accuracy Game

To test your players' passing accuracy, place 10 balls behind the goalie net. Break your team up into two lines and place both lines at the top of the box. On your coach's whistle, have a player from each line run behind the net and scoop up a ball. Have the next player in line run toward the net. Hit him with a pass and have him catch it and try to score. For each portion of the play done correctly your team gets a point. The team with the most points after the balls are gone wins.

Pinwheel Game

The pinwheel game can improve your catching ability from different angles and directions. Grab three teammates and stand in a tight bunch with your backs to each other. From this static position, have four additional players on your team run around your cluster with lacrosse sticks and balls. As they run around you, each player will throw a ball in your direction. If you drop a pass, you have to leave the circle. The last player standing is the winner.

Ground Ball Game

The ground ball game will improve foot speed as well as your ability to scoop balls off the ground. Grab a teammate and line up next to each other. Have a coach throw a ball over your heads and down the field. As soon as he lets go of the ball, sprint to the ball, attempting to outrun your partner. Whoever gets the ball first is on offense. From here, turn around and run with the ball, attempting to keep it from getting knocked lose. Once you get close to your coach, fire a pass to him to finish the game. Points are awarded for picking up the ball, throwing a pass to your coach or, if you are on defense, stealing the ball. The player with the most points after several rounds wins.