Johnny G Indoor Cycling Certification

Johnny Goldberg, otherwise known as Johnny G, is a South African endurance cyclist who invented indoor cycling in the late 1980s. More than 20 years later, indoor cycling remains the most widely recognized and implemented indoor cycling program in fitness facilities around the world. Although Johnny G is no longer affiliated with the program, the indoor cycling instructor certification is still regarded as one of the most comprehensive indoor cycling certifications.

Benefits of Certification

Certified instructors can teach at indoor cycling classes. Indoor cycling programs are offered in numerous facilities worldwide, which means that certification provides instructors with an extensive amount of job possibilities.

Certification Process

To become a certified instructor, you must attend an orientation workshop, buy the instructor manual, study at your own pace and complete an online assessment. During the course of the orientation, a master instructor covers bike setup, riding form, music selection, ride profiles and heart rate training. You can expect to be on the bike three times during the workshop. As of December 2010, the orientation workshop fee is $295, and the instructor manual costs $30. Authorized facilities host instructor certifications, most often in larger cities. If you can't find a local workshop, you'll have to travel to attend one.

Instructor Resources

After certification, the company behind the official program provides its instructors with a monthly newsletter via email that contains cycling-related news, instructor tips and informational articles. For instructors who need a little inspiration to come up with a good class, the website offers music suggestions via a weekly play list as well as a ride profile builder. The website also contains a large number of printable student handouts and informational articles on subjects such as bike setup, cadence, heart rate training, goal-setting, nutrition, proper hydration and the benefits of cross-training.

Continuing Education

To maintain a current certification, you must obtain 14 STAR points every two years, either by completing a series of shorter educational courses or a full recertification course. You can earn as little as one STAR point at a time by taking periodic quizzes, or four to five STAR points for short courses on topics like periodization, resistance training, weight loss and indoor cycling for special populations. As of December 2010, a single STAR point costs $20, short courses cost between $49.95 and $69.95 and a full, basic recertification costs $199.95. You must also maintain a current CPR certification to teach at most facilities.

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