The Best Ankle Support for Hockey Skates

Hockey players and goalie

Ankle injuries are common in ice hockey because of the collisions and high speeds during a game. In order to prevent ankle injuries, which can include sprains and fractures, ankle supports can help hockey players find the added support they need to prevent injuries.

Built-In Ankle Supports

A good hockey skate will come with built-in ankle supports and protect your foot and ankle from the puck. High-end hockey skates will mold to your foot and ankle within a couple days of wear and provide you with excellent ankle support. When buying lower-grade hockey skates, it is important to find a skate that provides adequate ankle support and stability. The boot should be a snug fit around your ankle when you are trying a skate on. When buying hockey skates, you will likely wear a full-size smaller than you would in regular street shoes. When looking for built-in ankle supports, look for well-known brands.

Lace- Up Ankle Braces

Lace-up ankle braces minimize foot and ankle movement. They support the entire ankle and up to the midpoint of your foot. They are composed of a sturdy canvas material that fits into your shoes or skates. Lace-up ankle braces provide support for those players who suffer from chronic ankle instability, for those who suffer from frequent ankle sprains and for players making a comeback from a more serious ankle injury.

Elastic Ankle Support

Elastic ankle supports provide support without limiting range of motion. They provide support for stiff, sore or weak ankles. They are durable and fit comfortably in any skate or shoe without changing the fit of the skate or shoe. Elastic ankle supports provide compression to the ankle. Compression can help eliminate pain, improve endurance, improve the overall function of the ankle joint and help decrease swelling. They are made of breathable materials, making them comfortable throughout an entire hockey game.

Athletic Taping

Ankle taping can be used to help increase the stability of your ankle without the use of ankle braces. Taping can help prevent injury as well as the re-aggravation of prior ankle injuries. Taping limits the movement of a joint and prevents abnormal movements of the joint. Athletic tape fits comfortably inside of a hockey skate. Taping can be completed by yourself or by an athletic trainer before hockey practice or a game.

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