List of Nunchuck Techniques

martial arts, women and nunchaku in hands silhouette in sunset

The nunchaku, commonly referred to as nunchucks, is basically two short sticks connected by a rope or chain. This traditional martial arts weapon can be used to quickly disorient and damage an attacker. Flashy nunchaku techniques are often seen at karate demonstrations and tournaments. Before you try any complicated nunchaku moves, practice some of the basics. Avoid serious injuries by using padded nunchaku connected by a rope.

Helicopter Spin

The helicopter spin can help you practice using your wrist to quickly twirl the nunchaku. To practice the helicopter spin, hold one end of the weapon in your right hand, gripping the stick near the rope. Raise the nunchaku high above your head with your right arm. Begin spinning the other end of the nunchaku like a helicopter propeller. As you continue to twirl the nunchaku, try extending your right arm to your side and out in front of you. Repeat this technique with your left arm.

Arm Switch

The arm switch is one of the first moves that many novices attempt when they pick up the nunchaku. However, if you incorrectly perform this technique, you can whack yourself in the head. To execute this move, hold one side of the nunchaku in your right hand. Flip the other end backward over your right shoulder. Reach across the front of your body with your left hand. Catch the nunchaku below your right arm with your left hand. Let go of the nunchaku with your right hand and use your left hand to start this technique on the left side of your body. Try to gradually increase speed as you switch from side to side.

Figure Eight

Figure Eight is a popular nunchaku technique. This move can be used to strike or confuse an opponent. To perform Figure Eight, hold one side of the nunchaku in your right hand. Pretend you are drawing a sideways number 8, or infinity symbol, with the other end of the nunchaku. Do not make large movements with your arm when you execute this technique. Focus on using your wrist to quickly maneuver the nunchaku. After you feel confident with this technique, try reversing the direction and try it with your other hand.

Hand Roll

The hand roll is a slightly more advanced nunchaku technique. This technique can be used to quickly switch the type of grip you have on the weapon. To perform this move, hold the top of one side of the nunchaku near the rope. Flip the other side of the nunchaku over your right hand so that the rope goes across the back of your hand. After you flip the nunchaku, let go of one side and capture the other side as it comes around your hand. Return to the starting position by flipping the nunchaku over your hand in the reverse direction.