Cricket Slang Terms

cricket batsman and a catcher

Cricket is a game is played in innings, with one inning consisting of each team taking a turn batting and fielding. The fielding team tries to throw a ball, an action called bowling, and hit the wicket, which is three stakes in the ground. The batting team tries to keep the ball from hitting the wicket by swinging a wooden bat at the bowled balls. There are many terms used in the game of cricket, some of which are slang.

Batting Slang

Collectively, the last four positions in the order of batters is called the "tail," and these players typically are better at bowling; when the players in these positions bat well, the tail is said to "wag." A "block" refers to the swing of the bat in a defensive manner, keeping the ball from hitting the wickets. A swing of the bat is called "full blooded" if the stroke uses the full physical force of the batter.

Bowling Slang

"Bouncer" is a term used to describe a fast pitch that rises quickly to chest level and might strike a batter who doesn’t take evasive action. A "spinner" describes a bowler who puts a lot of spin on the ball. A "flipper" is an underhand throw in which the ball travels initially fast but has backspin. A "jaffa" refers to a throw that is unplayable. A "pie thrower" is a bowler who is ineffective.

Performance and Gear Slang

"Duck" is a term for a batsman removed without having scored. This term comes from the shape of a duck egg, which is oval like the number 0. A "pad" refers to a protective leg covering that wicket keepers and batters wear. "Sledging" is a term used to describe the action of denigrating your opponent’s play to your opponent.

Fielding Slang

"Silly" refers to any fielding position that is near the wickets, resulting in the potential for injury. The "slip" refers to fielding positions near the wicket keeper, who is the person standing behind the wickets and batter. An easy catch of the ball is called a "dolly." The "deep" refers to the farthest outfield, while the "field" is the ground or the oval on which the cricket match is played.